Tuesday 30 August 2016

Papa John Creach-Papa John's Friends-1971 US

Papa John Creach (born John Henry Creach May 28, 1917, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, died February 22, 1994, Los Angeles, California) was the fiddler for Jefferson Airplane (1970-1975), Hot Tuna, Jefferson Starship, The San Francisco All-Stars (1979-1984), The Dinosaurs (1982-1989), and Steve Taylor.
"Papa John's Friends" is Papa John Creach's first solo album, recorded by Papa John Creach and released by Jefferson Airplane's own Grunt Record Label (FTR-1003)  in 1971. All the members of Jefferson Airplane also make appearances on the album along with members of  The Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Santana, and Tower of Power.
Guesting on this album are Jerry Garcia and Carlos Santana with fellow Airplane members Jorma Kaukonen, Jack Casady, Grace Slick and Quicksilver Messenger Service legend John Cipollina.
From this album i chose three songs, "The Janitor Drives A Cadillac", "Plunk A Little Funk" and "Human Spring".

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Monday 29 August 2016

Gale Garnett and The Gentle Rain-Sausalito Heliport-1969 US

Beautifully tripped-out material from Gale Garnett & The Gentle Reigh, titled after the Sausalito Heliport, a northern California complex that housed a bunch of hippy dippy bands in the late 60s.
 The album's a wonderful blend of Bay Area freedom and some of the folksier and sweeter touches of east coast groups of the time, with instrumentation that includes organ, harpsichord, guitar and lots of cool percussion and a style that's got lots of wild elements, yet always manages to compress them down into cool sunshiney tunes!!!
From this great album i chose "The Pretty Is Gone" and "Water Your Mind".

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Saturday 27 August 2016

Henry Mancini And His Orchestra - The Party-(Music From The Film Score)- 1968 US

Henry Mancini delivers yet another soundtrack for one of director Blake Edwards' '60s celluloid romps. Peter Sellers stars as a hapless East Indian actor mistakenly invited to a big Hollywood producer's party, the ensuing hijinks prompt Mancini to come up with large doses of cocktail jazz -- both ballad and swing form -- and some bossa nova for color. (allmusic)
"The Party"  released by RCA Victor (LSP-3997) in 1968.From this soundtrack i chose three songs, "The Party" vocal and instrumental version and "Nothing To Lose" vocal version. Enjoy!!!

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Thursday 25 August 2016

Black Widow-1971 UK

Black Widow were a rock band that formed in Leicester, England in September 1969. The band were mostly known for its early use of satanic and occult imagery in their music and stage act. The band were often compared with the better-known Heavy metal band Black Sabbath, but the bands were only superficially similar.(wiki)
From their 1971 selftitled album i chose "Tears And Wine" and "Legend Of Creation".

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Thursday 4 August 2016

Montage- Desiree- 1968 US

The chief songwriter for The Left Banke, Mike Brown composed an array of songs that conflated Baroque style classical music with rock ‘n roll reminiscent of popular British bands such as The Zombies and The Beatles.  In January 1967, Brown walked out on The Left Banke to be a studio auteur. Montage is what became of Brown’s aspirations, Brown wrote a majority of the band’s songs, played the keyboards, and produced the record. Montage is exactly what you’d expect of Brown, meticulously crafted pop songs drenched in strings, harmonies and the occasional horn section.
Their sole seftitled album recorded at Allegro Sound Studios, New York in 1968 and released  by Laurie Records (SLP-2049).
This is the 1986 UK Reissue of the Montage album titled "Desiree" by Bam-Caruso Records (KIRI-055).From this album i chose "Grand Pianist" and "Desiree".


Mike Brown-keyboards and vocal arrangements
Bob Steurer-lead vocals
Vance Chapman -vocals, drums
Mike Smyth-lead guitar, vocals
Lance Cornelius-bass, vocals

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Tuesday 2 August 2016

Orange Bicycle - Let's Take A Trip On An Orange Bicycle- 1967-70 UK

Orange Bicycle was an English psychedelic pop band, which existed between 1967 and 1971. The band played a style influenced by The Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and the hippie counter culture. Previously, they acted as support, and backing band for the duo Paul and Barry Ryan as well as completing sessions for other vocalists, recording over 100 BBC Radio One sessions and appearing on UK TV.(wiki)
From this 1988 compilation i chose "Rennaissance Fair", "Jenskadajka" and "L.A.".

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The V.I.P.'s-Early Spooky Tooth-1963-67 UK

The V.I.P.'s were a British R&B musical ensemble formed in Carlisle, Cumberland, (North West England) in late 1963, out of an earlier outfit known as The Ramrods, who had formed in Carlisle in 1960. After a change of personnel in April 1967, the band changed their name to Art, and released the album "Supernatural Fairy Tales". And then they became Spooky Tooth.(wiki)
From this compilation i chose "I Wanna Be Free",  "Straight Down To The Bottom" and "Wintertime". Enjoy!!!

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