Wednesday 22 February 2017

Massada-Live-1980 Holland

Massada was a Dutch Funk/Latin/Pop band with a Moluccan background. Formed in 1973, consisting of Johnny Manuhutu (Vocals, Percussion), Eppy Manuhutu (Percussion), Zeth Mustamu (Percussion), Chris Latul (Guitar), Usje Sabander (Bass Guitar), Nino Latuny (Guitar), Frans Eschauzier (Keyboards)(discogs).
Their third "Live" album recorded in 1980 at Paradiso, Amsterdam and released on Kendari Records (KD 29005 KL). I chose the Live versions of  "Dansa (Don't Quite Dancing) and "Sageru". Enjoy!!!

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Saturday 18 February 2017

John Deen And The Trakk-Beat 69-1969 Germany

"Beat 69" is a beat/RnB album by John Deen And The Trakk, released only in Germany by Europa label (E-351) in 1969. John Deen And The Trakk was an English band who tried to make success in Germany. From this album i chose "Gotta Get Away","Your Whole Life Through" and "Kavind". Enjoy!!!

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La Logia Sarabanda- Guayaba-1973 Uruguay

La Logia Sarabanda was a latin/rock band from Uruguay, who release just one album "Guayaba" in 1973. I chose two songs from this album,"Guayaba" and "Todos O Ninguno".Enjoy!!!

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Monday 13 February 2017

Al Jarreau- We Got By-1975 US

Alwin Lopez "Al" Jarreau (March 12, 1940 – February 12, 2017) was an American singer and musician.Jarreau received a total of seven Grammy Awards and was nominated for over a dozen more.
In June 2012, Jarreau was diagnosed with pneumonia, which caused him to cancel several concerts in France.Jarreau made a full recovery and continued to tour extensively until February 2017.After having been hospitalized for exhaustion in Los Angeles, Jarreau died on February 12, 2017, exactly one month before his 77th birthday and just two days after announcing his retirement.(wiki)
From his 1975 first album "We Got By" on Reprice label, i chose "Spirit" and "You Don't See Me". RIP

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Massada -Pukul Tifa-1979 Holland

"Pukul Tifa" is the second album by the Dutch Funk/Latin/Pop band Massada released in 1979 by Kendari Records ‎(KDR 21010 KL).From this album i chose "Unknown Destination" and "There's No Time To Return". Enjoy!!!

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Saturday 11 February 2017

Jack Costanzo-Afro Can-Can-1960 US

Jack Costanzo (born September 24, 1919, Chicago, Illinois) is an American percussionist.A composer, conductor and drummer, Costanzo is best known as a bongo player, and is nicknamed "Mr. Bongo". He visited Havana three times in the 1940s and learned to play Afro-Cuban rhythms on the bongos and congas.(wiki)
"Afro Can-Can" released in 1960 on Liberty ‎label (LRP 3137). From this album i chose "It's All Right With Me", "Live And Let Live" and "I Love Paris". Enjoy!!!

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Thursday 9 February 2017

Emergency-Get Out To The Country-1973 Germany

The German based band Emergency was founded in 1970 by Czech musician Hanus Berka, who already had a career as an arranger and sideman in the States among others with Jan Hammer and Miroslav Vitous. The multicultural band consisted of Berka (sax & keyboards) fellow Czechs Jiro Matousek (keyboards), Otto Bezloja (bass) and Dusko Goykovic (trumpet), German drummer Udo Lindenberg and Englishman Barrie Newby on guitar.
The band recorded two jazz-rock records with brass arrangements for CBS. 'Emergency' (1971) and in 1972 'Entrance' with a changed line-up.
In the summer of '72 the band split up, only to be reformed in December of the same year with a complete new line-up: Berka, Peter Bischof (ex-Orange Peel, lead vocals), Richard Palmer-James (ex-King Crimson lyricist, guitar& vocals) Jerzy Ziembrowski (bass), Veit Marvos (ex-2066 &Then, keyboards), Martin Harrison (percussion) and Bernd Knaak (drums). The new line-up secured a record deal with Brain and recorded two commercially oriented records 'Get out To the Country' (1973) and 'No Compromise' (1974) the last again with a changed line-up. Both records present jazz-rock with blues and soul elements. Afterwards the band folded for good. (progarchives-Martin 'Alucard' Horst)
Their third album "Get Out To The Country" released in 1973 by Brain records  (brain 1037). I chose two songs from this album,"I Know What's Wrong" and "Get Out To The Country".

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Monday 6 February 2017

The Harvey Averne Dozen -Viva Soul- 1968 US

Though many artists in the late '60s earnestly searched for the place where Latin rhythms and soul melodies could intersect, few found it. Harvey Averne may have been one of the very few that could both swing salsa fans and get the soul crowd "shaking their money maker." The vibraphonist and bandleader wisely incorporated the most essential elements of R&B while adding Latino influence with salsa-inflected horn vamps and percussion voices otherwise unheard in the soul genre. It is albums like Viva Soul that would define the role of Latino concepts in American pop music for generations to come. That noted, this is a soul record with rice and beans on the side. Congas and compana are spice here, not the main course. Though Averne's vibraphone has a place on the album, it seems to be on the corner of the stage. Having co-written half the tunes in the repertoire along with the record's arranger Marty Sheller, and with a nominal musical role, with maybe eight bars of solo on the whole album, one might wonder whose record this is. Irrespective of the leadership, Viva Soul features some of the highest production quality and most pleasing arrangements of the Latin/soul crossover genre. (AllMusic Review by Evan C. Gutierrez)
"Viva Soul" released in 1968 by Atlantic Records (SD 8168). I chose "Make Out", "The Word" and "Free Advice". Enjoy!!!

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Friday 3 February 2017

Massada- Astaganaga- 1978 Holland

Massada was a Dutch Funk/Latin/Pop band with a Moluccan background. Formed in 1973, consisting of Johnny Manuhutu (Vocals, Percussion), Eppy Manuhutu (Percussion), Zeth Mustamu (Percussion), Chris Latul (Guitar), Usje Sabander (Bass Guitar), Nino Latuny (Guitar), Frans Eschauzier (Keyboards). Later on, in 1975 Nippy Noya (Percussion) reinforced the band. Their first succes came in 1978, with the hit single "Latin Dance" and the album "Astaganaga". (discogs)
"Astaganaga" released in Holland by Kendari Records (KIL 21006 KL).From this album i chose "Sageru", "Nena" (Malo's cover) and "Dansa (Don't Quit Dancing)". Enjoy!!!

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Wednesday 1 February 2017

VA Sookie Sookie Covers

The song "Sookie Sookie" was written by Don Covay, Steve Cropper and was first released by Don Covay & The Goodtimers in 1966 on Atlantic Records. It was covered by many artists and bands over the years.This compilation contain 10 versions of this great song. Enjoy!!!


01.Don Covay- Sookie Sookie-1966 US
02.Bodo Molitor- Sookie Sookie-1969 Mexico
03.Los Texao- Sookie Sookie-1968 Peru
04.Raffaella Carra- Chissa Chi Sei (Sookie Sookie)-1970 Italy
05.Davy Jones And The Voodoo Funk Machine- Sookie Sookie-1968 France
06.Etta James- Sookie Sookie-1974 US
07.Grant Green- Sookie Sookie-1970 US
08.Tina Britt- Sookie Sookie-1968 US
09.Steppenwolf- Sookie Sookie-1968 Canada
10.Ricardo Ray Orchestra- Sookie Sookie-1968 US


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