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Merrell Fankhauser ‎– The Maui Album-1976 US (1988 Reckless Records)

Merrell Wayne Fankhauser (born December 23, 1943, Louisville, Kentucky, United States) is an American singer, songwriter and guitarist, who was most active in the 1960s and 1970s with bands including the Impacts, Merrell & the Exiles, HMS Bounty, Fankhauser-Cassidy Band, and MU.
Fankhauser recorded a solo album, Maui (1976), before returning to California in the late 1970s.(wiki)
This is the 1988 UK reissue of "The  Maui Album" by Reckless Records (RECK 10), with different versions of "On Our Way To Hana" and "Make A Joyful Noise". I chose those  great songs plus the beautiful "I Saw Your Photograph". Enjoy!!!

from the back cover:

--In 1974 Merrell Fankhauser was living in a jungle shack on the island of Maui with his group MU and his girlfriend Mary Lee, an accomplished violin player.Their lifestyle was mystically orientated and ascetic, they followed a vegan diet with no drugs or alcohol.Later that year guitarist Jeff Cotton and drummer Randy Wimer left for the mainland to become Christian ministers.
Merrell and Mary Lee retreated further into the depths of the jungle, continuing their researches into the lost civilization of Lemuria.Occasionally they emerged to play club dates as a duo.Late in 1975 they visited L.A. and recorded "The Maui Album".--

Merrell Fankhauser-Vocals,Guitar,Bass
Jeff Cotton-Guitar,Vocals
Mary Lee -Violin
Jeff Parker-Bass
Randy Wimer-Percussion, Vocals

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Hi, looks like only 3 songs? Thanks, great blog!

Hippy dj kit-dj fanis said...

Yes my friend, only 2 or 3 songs from each album. Thanks.

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