Thursday, 4 August 2016

Montage- Desiree- 1968 US

The chief songwriter for The Left Banke, Mike Brown composed an array of songs that conflated Baroque style classical music with rock ‘n roll reminiscent of popular British bands such as The Zombies and The Beatles.  In January 1967, Brown walked out on The Left Banke to be a studio auteur. Montage is what became of Brown’s aspirations, Brown wrote a majority of the band’s songs, played the keyboards, and produced the record. Montage is exactly what you’d expect of Brown, meticulously crafted pop songs drenched in strings, harmonies and the occasional horn section.
Their sole seftitled album recorded at Allegro Sound Studios, New York in 1968 and released  by Laurie Records (SLP-2049).
This is the 1986 UK Reissue of the Montage album titled "Desiree" by Bam-Caruso Records (KIRI-055).From this album i chose "Grand Pianist" and "Desiree".


Mike Brown-keyboards and vocal arrangements
Bob Steurer-lead vocals
Vance Chapman -vocals, drums
Mike Smyth-lead guitar, vocals
Lance Cornelius-bass, vocals

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