Friday, 21 October 2016

Herbie Mann- Turtle Bay-1973 US

"Turtle Bay" is an album by flautist Herbie Mann recorded in 1971 and 1973 and released on the Atlantic label.The Allmusic site awarded the album 3 stars stating: "Herbie Mann goes back to the well of soul on this LP and comes up with another tastefully funky selection of rock/R&B hits mixed with a few originals of his own. ... Herbie's own flute work is often low-key, maybe even a bit lazy, but he is audibly sympathetic with the material".(wiki)
Two songs from this album, "Turtle Bay" and "Family Affair".

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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The Yellow Balloon- 1967 US

The Yellow Balloon was an American sunshine pop band, produced by Gary Zekley. The group is notable for featuring Don Grady (sometimes billed as "Luke R. Yoo") of Mouseketeers and My Three Sons fame. Other band members hailed from Oregon and Arizona. They were led by Alex Valdez (lead singer), and included Frosty Green (keyboards), Don Braucht (bass guitar), and Paul Cannella (lead guitar).
The Yellow Balloon released multiple singles, including their hit "Yellow Balloon" which peaked at #25 on the Billboard 100 Chart and  "Good Feelin' Time" both taken from the group's debut album.
The band's 1967 self-titled LP was released through Canterbury Records (CLPS-1502) and besides featuring the hit single "Yellow Balloon", also included two songs co-written by former The Mamas & the Papas singer Jill Gibson.
From this album i chose "How Can I Be Down", "Yellow Balloon" and "Follow The Sunshine".

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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Willie Bobo And The Bo-Gents - Do What You Want To Do-1971 US

Willie Bobo was the stage name of William Correa (February 28, 1934 – September 15, 1983), a Latin and jazz percussionist of Puerto Rican ancestry.William Correa grew up in Spanish Harlem, New York City. He made his name in Latin Jazz, specifically Afro-Cuban jazz, in the 1960s and '70s, with the timbales becoming his favoured instrument. He met Mongo SantamarĂ­a shortly after his arrival in New York and studied with him while acting as his translator, and later at the age of 19 joined Tito Puente for four years.(wiki)
"Do What You Want To Do" released in 1971 on Sussex label‎ (SXBS 7003).From this killer funky album i chose "How Can I Say Goodbye?" and  "Never You Mind".Enjoy!!!

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Friday, 14 October 2016

The Masked Marauders-1969 US

After the appearence of the first rock bootleg, Dylan's "Great White Wonder", rock critic Greil Marcus wrote a tongue-in-cheek review in 'Rolling Stone Magazine' of a non-existant bootleg album featuring a band comprised of Lennon, Jagger and Dylan. The review actually fooled some readers into believing that this mythical LP actually existed and record stores across the U.S. were flooded with requests.
On reaction, Reprise quickly had The Masked Marauders album recorded and it soon appeared on the "Deity" label (as the review had described).
Musically, it mixes some rock numbers with vocals a la Jagger or Dylan, a cover of Donovan's "Season Of The Witch" and doo wop classics "Duke Of Earl" and "The Book Of Love".The musicians were probably members of The Cleanliness And Godliness Skiffle Band together with other musicians.
Two songs from this album, "Cow Pie" and "Season Of The Witch".

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Ryo Kawasaki- Prism -1975 Japan

Ryo Kawasaki (born February 25, 1947) is a jazz fusion guitarist and composer from Tokyo, Japan. He is best known as one of the first musicians to develop and popularise the fusion genre and for helping to develop the guitar synthesizer in collaboration with Roland Corporation and Korg.
"Prism" is the first album recorded by Japanese musician Ryo Kawasaki after he relocated to New York City from Tokyo in Japan. He recorded additional two leader albums in Japan prior to this album. At the time of this recording, he was band member of Gil Evans Orchestra, Elvin Jones Jazz Machine, Chico Hamilton group and New York–based Jazz Fusion group Tarika Blue led by keyboardist Phil Clendeninn.
As a result, musicians participated on this album are his band mates from these groups, Herb Bushler from Gil Evans Orchestra, Abdulha and Steve Turre from Chico Hamilton group and Phil Clendeninn from Tarika Blue except drummer Buddy Williams was a member of George Benson group at that time often played with Ryo Kawasaki on his local gigs in NYC. The entire album was recorded in one afternoon and mixed in the next day to be completed.(wiki)
"Prism" released in 1975 by Inner City Records(IC-6016).From this album i chose "Agana" and "Phil".

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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Street- 1968 US

Street was a psychedelic band from New York, with great female vocalist Anya Cohen (similiar voice to Grace Slick or Lydia Pense of Cold Blood). They release their sole self-titled album in 1968 on Verve Forecast (FTS-3057).
From this album i chose "What A Strange Town" and "There's One Kind Favor". Enjoy!!!


Anya Cohen-Lead Vocals, Tambourine
Michael Lynne-Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Vocals
John Williamson-Electric Guitar,Bass, Vocals
Al Camardo-Percussion
Tom Champion-Drums, Percussion
Will Betz-Electric Guitar, Bass

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Friday, 7 October 2016

Calliope- Steamed -1968 US

From Seattle, the driving force behind this short-lived outfit was singer/songwriter Danny O'Keefe.
The "Steamed" album includes cover versions of  "Hello,Hello" (Lee Michaels), "California Dreamin" (with a very good psychedelic guitar solo), Jimmy Bell's "Hound Dog" (a traditional number), "Like A Rolling Stone" (Bob Dylan), "Nadine" (Chuck Berry) and four originals, two by Goldsmith and two by O'Keefe.
John Simpson, who was tragically killed in a plane crash in 1973, had previously played with Scott Strong in The Bumps. Paul Goldsmith and Luther Rabb had earlier been in Emergency Exit and Clyde Heaton in The Dimensions. Bassist Luther Rabb later played with Ballin' Jack. Prior to joining Calliope, Scott Strong also acted as their road manager.
Calliope's sole album released in 1968 on Buddah Records (BDS-5023) and is now a very minor collectable. From this album i chose "Hello,Hello" and "California Dreamin". Enjoy!!!


Paul Goldsmith- guitar
Clyde Heaton- organ
Danny O'Keefe- bass,vocals
John Simpson- drums
Luther Rabb- bass
Scott Strong- keyboards

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