Monday, 19 December 2016

Pierre Henry- Les Jerks Electroniques De La Messe Pour Le Temps Present Et Musiques Concretes De Pierre Henry Pour Maurice Béjart-1967 France

Pierre Henry (born 9 December 1927) is a French composer, considered a pioneer of the musique concrète genre of electronic music.Pierre Henry was born in Paris, France, and began experimenting at the age of 15 with sounds produced by various objects. He became fascinated with the integration of noise into music. Among Henry's works is the 1967 ballet Messe Pour Le Temps présent, a collaboration with choreographer Maurice Béjart that debuted in Avignon.(wiki)
"Les Jerks Electroniques..." released in 1967 on Philips label (836.893 DSY).I chose "Psyche Rock", "Jericho Jerk" and "Teen Tonic". Enjoy!!!

-by dj fanis: here

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