Wednesday, 1 February 2017

VA Sookie Sookie Covers

The song "Sookie Sookie" was written by Don Covay, Steve Cropper and was first released by Don Covay & The Goodtimers in 1966 on Atlantic Records. It was covered by many artists and bands over the years.This compilation contain 10 versions of this great song. Enjoy!!!


01.Don Covay- Sookie Sookie-1966 US
02.Bodo Molitor- Sookie Sookie-1969 Mexico
03.Los Texao- Sookie Sookie-1968 Peru
04.Raffaella Carra- Chissa Chi Sei (Sookie Sookie)-1970 Italy
05.Davy Jones And The Voodoo Funk Machine- Sookie Sookie-1968 France
06.Etta James- Sookie Sookie-1974 US
07.Grant Green- Sookie Sookie-1970 US
08.Tina Britt- Sookie Sookie-1968 US
09.Steppenwolf- Sookie Sookie-1968 Canada
10.Ricardo Ray Orchestra- Sookie Sookie-1968 US


-by dj fanis: here


Alexander Schmidt said...

Thanks for this nice cover collection!
Check out this other great versions:
Los Doltons -
Roy Thompson -

Hippy dj kit-dj fanis said...

Hi Alex, you send me the same links:) but ok i found Los Doltons version.Very good versions, thanks.
-dj fanis

Jean-Pierre Lenormand said...

I missed this link is in his grave SIC !
Thanks anyway !