Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Felt-1971 US

Felt was formed in Alabama in the late '60s around the talents of Myke Jackson (guitars), Mike Neel (drums), Tommy Gilstrap (bass), Stan Lee (guitars), and Allan Dalrymple (keyboards).
The band's self-titled album contains half-a-dozen original songs written for the most part by Jackson. This rare album released by Nasco (Nasco- 9006) in 1971,  was the only long-player produced by the progressive blues quintet  Felt,  formed by 17-year-old singer/songwriter/guitarist Myke Jackson.
A wide-ranging spectrum of influences including late Beatle-psych, mellow West Coast-jamming and early 1970s hardrock. Fellow guitarist, Stan Lee would move on to the punk band the Dickies later in the '70s.
This is the 90's unknown reissue of the Nasco release, with the same code  (Nasco- 9006).I chose two songs," Now She's Gone" and "Destination".


Myke Jackson- Lead Guitar, Vocals
Allan Dalrymple- Keyboards
Tommy Gilstrap- Bass
Stan Lee- Rhythm Guitar
Mike Neel- Drums

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