Thursday, 6 April 2017

George Romanos-Two Small Blue Horses-1970 Greece

George Romanos is a greek singer and songwriter.In 1970  Romanos release one of the best  greek psychedelic albums titled "Δυο Μικρά Γαλάζια Αλογα" (Two Small Blue Horses) on Zodiac records.The guitar player on this album was Alekos Karakantas (earlier with Juniors,We Five and later with Axis).Alekos Karakantas was one of the best guitarists with very unique style,  who died yesterday at the age of 70. RIP.
In loving memory of Alekos Karakantas i chose "Two Small Blue Horses" and "Life Is A Dream".
An interview with  Alekos  Karakantas you can find here

                             Alekos Karakantas with We Five (1967)

                             Alekos Karakantas with Axis (1972)

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