Friday, 9 June 2017

Jess & James-1969 Belgium

Jess & James was a Belgian soul duo that their backing band, the JJ Band, was especially popular in the late 60s .
Jess & James were the stage names of the Portuguese brothers Fernando and Antonio Lameirinhas. Fernando and Antonio  was born in Portugal. From childhood  was fascinated by music, but because of dictatorship of Salazar in Portugal, there was no money for music lessons. That changed when the Lameirinhos family moved to Belgium. Fernando went into a marble company works and bought with the money that he earned a guitar , with which he could go to the academy. Antonio learned under the influence of his brother's, bass .(wiki)
As Jess & James they release three albums between 1968-69.From their third self-titled album who released in 1969 on Palette ‎(MPB S-3290), i chose "Straight Man" and "James Stuff". Enjoy!!!

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