Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Lena Horne and Gabor Szabo-Lena & Gabor-1970 US

"Lena & Gabor" is an album by American vocalist Lena Horne and Hungarian guitarist Gabor Szabo featuring performances recorded in 1969 and released on the Skye label in 1970 (Skye Records SK-15A). The album was Lena Horne's first album release in four years, and a saw her return to the charts with the single "Watch What Happens". The Skye Records label declared bankruptcy in 1970 and the backcatalog was acquired by Buddha Records and the album was re-issued in 1971 as "Watch What Happens".(wiki)
"Lena & Gabor" is an unexpected delight, capturing a soulfulness and  largely absent from the singer's previous efforts.Recorded in Los Angeles, California and at A&R Recording Studios in New York between October and November 1969.
From this album i chose two songs for you my friends, their groovy version of Lennon–McCartney song "Rocky Racoon" and  Fred Neil's "Everybody's Talkin'".Enjoy!!!


Lena Horne - vocals
Gabor Szabo - guitar
Eric Gale, Cornell Dupree - guitar
Richard Tee - organ
Chuck Rainey - electric bass
Grady Tate - drums
The Howard Roberts Chorale - vocals
Howard Roberts - vocal arrangement
Gary McFarland - arranger, conductor

-by dj fanis: here

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