Monday, 19 September 2016

Caravan-Caravan & The New Symphonia-1974 UK

 Caravan and the New Symphonia is a record by Caravan recorded at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane and originally released in 1974 on UK Decca's subsidiary Deram. Bringing the band and The New Symphonia Orchestra together for this recording was the work of Martyn Ford, conductor of the New Symphonia, and John G. Perry, who played bass with Caravan at the time.(wiki)
From this album i chose "Virgin On The Ridiculous" and "The Love In Your Eye".


Pye Hastings - guitar, vocals
Geoff Richardson - electric viola
Richard Coughlan - drums
John G. Perry - bass guitar, vocals
Dave Sinclair - electric piano, organ, synthesizer
The New Symphonia Orchestra

-by dj fanis: here

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