Thursday, 8 September 2016

Joy Unlimited -1970 Germany (US Mercury promo release)

This 1970 album by the German group Joy Unlimited was, to the eternal confusion of discographers, issued under three separate titles. In Germany, it was called "Overground", in the UK, "Turbulence" and in the US, simply "Joy Unlimited".
Although the band would later go in a more progressive direction, this LP was not all that progressive in nature, and not at all like the avantart rock of the 1970s Krautrock movement.
Instead, it was a competent amalgam of trends in American and British mainstream rock, pop, and soul, rather like the kind flashed by numerous bands emerging in neighboring Holland at the same time, like Shocking Blue.
Joy Unlimited sang entirely in English and were fronted by a woman singer Joy Fleming, as well as an array of guitar and organ textures and breaks and samples galore.
From this album i chose "All Together Now" and "Helpless Child".

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