Tuesday, 20 September 2016

VA Living Chicago Blues Vol.1-1978 Sonet, Alligator Records

This compilations (vol.1-6) contains some of the best musicians men and woman from Chicago blues scene.
LINER NOTES: "Every night in Chicago, the sounds of blues bands reverberate from narrow barrooms, basement taverns, and small, modest lounges throughout the city.  At black neighborhood bars on the South and West Sides, decorated with Christmas tinsel, day-glo zodiac posters, handwritten signs on the walls; at the more publicized, fashionable nightspots on the North Side; or just at house parties out on the streets- the blues men and women of Chicago are singing, shouting, crying, laughing, celebrating.  Songs of hard times, heartbreak, loneliness; songs to drive the blue feelings away, to rock the night and let the good times roll".
From Vol.1 i chose The Jimmy Johnson Blues Band "Serves Me Right To Suffer" and  Left Hand Frank And His Blues Band "Linda Lu".

-by dj fanis: here

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