Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Ryo Kawasaki- Prism -1975 Japan

Ryo Kawasaki (born February 25, 1947) is a jazz fusion guitarist and composer from Tokyo, Japan. He is best known as one of the first musicians to develop and popularise the fusion genre and for helping to develop the guitar synthesizer in collaboration with Roland Corporation and Korg.
"Prism" is the first album recorded by Japanese musician Ryo Kawasaki after he relocated to New York City from Tokyo in Japan. He recorded additional two leader albums in Japan prior to this album. At the time of this recording, he was band member of Gil Evans Orchestra, Elvin Jones Jazz Machine, Chico Hamilton group and New York–based Jazz Fusion group Tarika Blue led by keyboardist Phil Clendeninn.
As a result, musicians participated on this album are his band mates from these groups, Herb Bushler from Gil Evans Orchestra, Abdulha and Steve Turre from Chico Hamilton group and Phil Clendeninn from Tarika Blue except drummer Buddy Williams was a member of George Benson group at that time often played with Ryo Kawasaki on his local gigs in NYC. The entire album was recorded in one afternoon and mixed in the next day to be completed.(wiki)
"Prism" released in 1975 by Inner City Records(IC-6016).From this album i chose "Agana" and "Phil".

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