Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Smith-Minus-Plus-1970 US

"Minus-Plus" is the second album of American rock band Smith released in 1970 on ABC/Dunhill Records (DS-50081). Almost all of the material on "Minus - Plus" was written by well known sessionman Alan Parker and their keyboardist Larry Moss. "Take A Look Around" and "What Am I Gonna Do" were both minor hits peaking at No's 43 and 73 respectively. Gayle McCormick later went solo. Alan Parker, who'd previously been in Summerhill, later fronted his own band.
From this album i chose "You Don't Love Me" and "What Am I Gonna Do".


Gayle McCormick-Vocals
Alan Parker-Guitars, Vocals
Judd Huss-Bass, Vocals
Bob Evans-Drums, Percussion
Larry Moss-Keyboards

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