Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Bloomsbury People-1970 US

The Bloomsbury People formed in 1968. The band immediately gained a degree of local success, playing frequently around Milwaukee and the surrounding region and recording a couple of 45s over the next couple years.
The Bloomsbury People, began playing an unconventional mixture of avant-garde rock, classical music, and baroque pop that eventually came to be characterized as progressive rock, recorded their sole self-titled album at Audio Finishers studios,Chicago and released on MGM Records (SE-4678) in 1970. Milwaukee-native Sigmund Snopek III may be one of the most fascinating artists to emerge from the late '60s and early '70s.
Sigmund Snopek III continued making intriguing music, ranging from Top 40 pop songs to electronic pieces and jazz compositions to symphonies and operas in a career that lasted well over 30 years, culminating in his most conspicuous role as a sideman for the much-loved alternative pop band The Violent Femmes.
From Bloomsbury People great and sole album i chose "Birdsong", "Pioneer Saint Of Death" and "So It Seems".Enjoy!!!


Jon Wyderka- Vocals,Percussion
Sigmund Snopek III- Keyboards,Trombone,Vocals
Ding Lorenz- Drums,Acoustic Percussion and Dropped Stick
Paul DuJardin- Bass,Trombone,Vocals
Greg Janick- Organ,Saxophones,Vocals
Dennis Lanting- Electric and Acoustic Guitars,Vocals

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