Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Brigg - 1973 US

Brigg was another one of those US private psych/prog legends. The group was from Northumberland, Pennsylvania, although some dealers have previously listed them as Canadian.Their 1973 self-titled album is a rare one & only melodic rural hippy rock album, with good harmonies and songs with  fine folk tinged psychedelic electric and acoustic  guitar.
The album recorded in 1973 at Susquehanna Sound Productions Studio No.1,Northumberland, Pennsylvania.This is the Italian reissue of the album by HABLABEL (HBL 11002) from 1988.Two songs from this band, "Hey Mister" and "Took It Away".


Rusty Foulke-Lead Guitar, Vocals
Rob Morse-Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Jeff Willoughby-Bass,Flute,Piano,Vocals
Rick Klinger-Percussion
Webb Kline-Keyboards on "Hey Mister"

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Anonymous said...

RU realy only uploading a couple of songs from each album? Not worth the hassel!

Hippy dj kit-dj fanis said...

From now on this blog will works like that, if you like the music try to find the albums in other blogs or (better) spent some money and buy them.

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