Tuesday, 29 November 2016

T.S. Bonniwell- Close -1969 US

T.S. Bonniwell is the billing that Sean Bonniwell used for his only solo album, "Close", released on Capitol in 1969 (ST-277). This might be a bit confusing to Music Machine fans, who are familiar with the name Sean Bonniwell rather than the handle T.S. Bonniwell. For it was as Sean Bonniwell that he was the singer/songwriter and chief visionary of the Music Machine, one of the finest garage-psychedelic bands of the '60s.
"Close" have some positive attributes, particularly in the introverted-to-the-point-of-reclusion lyrics, and its sad but sweet melodies. Often Bonniwell sounds like a man whose roaring fire has dwindled down to a candle in the wind, such is the fragile and burned-out nature of songs like "Black Snow" and "Sleep." In an interview with the magazine Ugly Things, Bonniwell described it as "kind of like, if Neil Diamond did an imitation of Johnny Mathis."
From this album i chose "Black Snow", "Temporary Knife" and "Sleep".

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