Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Andwellas Dream - Love And Poetry-1969 UK

Andwella were a Northern Irish psychedelic rock band formed in 1968, originally as The Method and later renamed Andwellas Dream. The trio were fronted by Dave Lewis (Guitar/keyboard/vocals), with Nigel Smith (bass/vocals) and Gordon Barton (drums).
"Love And Poetry" is the first studio album by British psychedelic band Andwella's Dream. It was released in 1969 on CBS Records."Love And Poetry" was composed entirely by band member Dave Lewis. It captures the true original sounds of Irish psychedelic rock. Relatively unknown, this album has achieved certain cult status after 40 years and is eagerly sought after by collectors of the genre.It is featured in Record Collector's Top 100 British Psychedelic Records of the 1960s.(wiki)
Two songs from this album, "High on a Mountain" and "Cocaine".

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