Friday, 18 March 2016

The Spirit Of Atlanta-The Burning Of Atlanta -1973 US

While essentially a vanity project for composer/producer/arranger Thomas Stewart, backed here by a cadre of "Hot 'Lanta" session players, The Burning of Atlanta is nevertheless an excellent funk LP that boasts the panoramic scope of a classic blaxploitation soundtrack.
With the vocals embedded deep in the mix, the emphasis lies squarely on the record's intensely hypnotic grooves, most of the tracks extend past the five-minute mark, with the epic "Messin' Around" clocking in at nearly twice that total. Stewart's dramatic melodies also boast a sheen recalling Curtis Mayfield's classic "Superfly" and just in case you couldn't place the reference, there's even an answer song: "Freddie's Alive and Well."(allmusic)
"The Burning Of Atlanta" released in 1973 by Buddah Records (BDS 5135 ST).Two songs from this album, "Messin' Around" and "Freddie's Alive and Well." Enjoy!!!

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