Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Ivar Avenue Reunion-1970 US

Neil Merryweather (born Robert Neilson Lillie on December 27, 1945 in Winnipeg, Manitoba) is a Canadian rock singer, bass player and songwriter. He has recorded and performed with musicians including Steve Miller, Dave Mason, Lita Ford, Billy Joel, Rick James and Wilson Pickett, and released an extensive catalogue of albums.(wiki)
Neil’s manager Morey Alexander received a call from RCA Records asking Neil to put a jam album together like Merryweather’s "Word of Mouth". Neil Merryweather, Charlie Musselwhite and Barry Goldberg were reunited again after playing on the Capitol Records album together.
Merryweather, John Richardson & Robin Boers were the band that jammed with Barry and J. J. Velker played on a few tracks. Neil brought Lynn Carey (Mama Lion) to the sessions as a guest artist.
The reunion occurred at RCA Studios on Ivar Avenue, thus the name "Ivar Avenue Reunion”.(discogs)
From this album, released in 1970 by RCA Victor (LSP-4442), i chose "Ride Mama Ride" and "Fast Train". Enjoy!!!

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