Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Benitez And Nebula-Night Life -1976 US

Eddie Benitez (born November 12, 1962)  is a guitarist. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, his family moved to Europe soon after his birth for his father's work. He was raised in Italy and Spain, and while in Spain his father Francisco arranged private lessons for Benitez from classical guitar virtuoso, Andrés Segovia.
The family returned to the U.S. when Benitez was 9 and settled in Brooklyn, New York. Benitez began formed his first band at 12 and began competing and winning local battles of the bands in Brooklyn. It was at one such battle of the bands where he was discovered by an AR person from Fania Records. Soon after the teenage guitarist was signed to Fania records.(wiki)
The "Night Life" released in 1976 by Vaya Records (VS-50).From this album i chose two Santana style songs, "Night Life" and "Waiting For Your Love". Enjoy!!!

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