Friday, 20 May 2016

Deviled Ham-I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night-1968 US

Before Deviled Ham, there was The Ascots and then White Wash. As part of the Rhode Island rock and roll scene, all three bands achieved success, as demonstrated by a handful of popular 45 releases. Managed by Al Pavlow, Deviled Ham was a theatrical rock group that most likely was at least a year ahead of the times. The group recorded a full length LP, highlighted by a 20-minute pertformance of 'The Raven', a classic psychedelic song that has kept the group's name alive in collector circles. Deviled Ham was Ted Medbury, Vin Medbury and Mark Vinbury. (
Their sole album released in 1968 on Super K (SKS 6003).Two songs from this album, "Come On In" and "The Raven- I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night- Rosemary's Baby". Enjoy!!!

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