Thursday, 12 May 2016

Clee's Five-Jerk With The Clee's Five-1967 Belgium

One of the better dance-bands of the late sixties.The band was founded on the remains of the fifties bebop-jazz orchestra "The Flamingo's" and "The Croonies", recruited by the brothers Stevens from the best musicians of a number of high-school bands. Leader of the gang became Clement van Herzele, rebaptized to Clee. This band came about in 1962 and slowly but surely built a good reputation for itself in the region of Zottegem.
In 1966 Griet de Bock joined the band (much later, Humo would write "the very first female rock-and-roll singer in Flanders", best known as "Kate") which gave the band new possibilities. They recorded an album for Philips, live in dancing "De Truweel" in Sint-Lievens-Esse, with nothing but well-known songs from those days (e.g. "Hey Joe", "The Beat goes on", "Happy Together" ...).(
"Jerk With The Clee's Five" released in 1967 on Philips label (QL 625908).From this album i chose "Somebody To Love", "The Beat Goes On" and "We Love You". (vinyl rip) Enjoy!!!

Band members :

- Griet De Bock (vocals)
- Dré Baeckelandt (drums, guitar)
- Herman "Toots" De Vos (bass)
- Guido Vanden Hauwe (piano)
- Clee van Herzele (guitar)

-by dj fanis: here


Anonymous said...

Wondering If you Could Post The Entire two albums from this group?

Hippy dj kit-dj fanis said...

No my friend, i have only this album and for some reasons i must upload only 2 or 3 songs from each album.Sorry.

dj fanis

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks anyway for the tracks that you WERE able to upload. It was a great share, and a great example of the talent of this rare group. Tis a shame that there was not a re-release of their output. much appreciated for your time and effort.