Saturday, 30 July 2016

The American Revolution - 1968 US

Showcasing the talents of rhythm guitarist  Richard Barcellona, drummer Daniel Derda, singer/keyboardist Eddie Haddad and bassist John Keith, The American Revolution came off as an unsuccessful cross between bubblegum pop and more conventional rock.  Although managed by Casey Kasem and designated as American International Pictures (AIP) house band, The American Revolution never became the national group that perhaps their talent and ability should have warranted.  They did, however, appear in two films (and were cut from a third) and recorded an excellent album.
Signed in MGM's short-lived Flick Disc subsidiary, the band released their selftitled  album in 1968 (Flick-Disc FLS 45,002). From this album i chose three songs, "Show Me How To Cry", "Opus # 1" and "Cold Wisconsin Night".

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