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The Wind In The Willows- 1968 US

The Wind in the Willows was a psychedelic folk rock band. This band of New York hippies is also known for the presence of a very young Deborah Harry on vocals, tamboura, tambourine & finger cymbals, years before she acheived fame in the new-wave group Blondie.
The band took its name from British writer Kenneth Grahame's, "The Wind in the Willows", a classic of children's literature. In one song, "There Is But One Truth, Daddy," there is a very extensive reading from Grahame's work.
Their sole album originally appeared in 1968 on Capitol Records (SKAO-2956). A dreamy collection of psychedelic folkpop that perfectly captures the innocence and whimsy of the 1960s flower-power dream. The Wind In The Willows have a sound that blends acoustic guitars, bits of strings, woodwinds, all together into a sweetly sunny blend that has the members of the group often singing with a bit of a harmony style.
The Wind in the Willows recorded a second album which was never released. The whereabouts of the tapes are unknown. According to Cathay Che's biography on Harry, it has never surfaced, but Harry was said to have contributed more vocals than on the first album, as well as writing lyrics for a tune called "Buried Treasure".
Three songs from this album, "Moments Spent", "Djini Judy" and "Little People".


Paul Klein- Vocals, Guitar
Deborah Harry- Vocals, Tambura, Tambourine, Finger Cymbals
Peter Brittain- Lead Guitar, Vocals
Steve "Marvello" DePhillips- Bass, Vocals
Anton Carysforth- Drums
Ida Andrews- Flute, Bassoon, Piccolo Flute, Chimes, Vocals
Wayne Kirby- Vocals, Double Bass, Piano, Harpsichord, Organ, Vibraphone

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