Thursday, 14 July 2016

The Ill Wind - Flashes- 1968 US

Originally known as The Prophets, with a singer called Judy Bradbury, this band were originally from Wellsley, Massachusettes but based themselves in Boston.
Clearly, a hippie band, their only album is a fine one, with their sound moulded by Connie Devanney's crystal clear vocals. On tracks like "In My Dark World", her voice is beautiful, while on others, notably the widely recorded "High Flying Bird",  "Hung Up Chick" and "Walkin' And Singin'", it blends in beautifully with that of her male counterpart, Richard Griggs.
Also of note is the unusual "People Of The Night" and the sleepy "Full Cycle". The band split up in December 1968 and Carey Mann went on to play with Dirty John's Hot Dog Stand.
Original released in 1968 by ABC Records(ABCS-641), this is the German Unofficial Release of the album by Flash Records (ABCS-641-A) from 1987.
Two songs from this great album, "People Of The Night" and "High Flying Bird". Enjoy!!!


Connie Devanney- vocals
Ken Frankel- lead guitar,banjo
Richard Griggs- guitar, vocals
Carey Mann- bass, vocals
David Kinsman- drums

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