Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Chrysalis- Definition -1968 US

This 1968 album showcases the lost talents of the folk-psych outfit Chrysalis.Though they were one of the most interesting bands of their era, late-1960s psychedelicists Chrysalis only managed to release one album on MGM Records (SE-4547). With female vocals by Nancy Nairn and led by J. Spider Barbarous, the Upstate New York band mixed psychedelic rock with folk and orchestral pop flavors for a rich, diverse sound. I chose "Cynthia Gerome","April Grove" and "Fitzpatrick Swanson".
This is the unofficial release of the album, Not On Label (SE-4547).


Nancy Nairn (Vocals)
J. Spider Barbarous (vocals, guitar)
Jon Sabin (Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals)
Ralph Kotkov (vocals, keyboards)
Paul Album (Bass, Vocals)
Dahaud Elias Shaar (percussion)

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