Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Phluph-1968 US

Hailing from Boston in the late sixties, Phluph recorded their one and only album for the Verve record label (V6-5054). This Boston band made an excellent psychedelic album full of trippy lyrics, catchy organ and fine guitar work. Almost all the tracks are interesting so it's difficult to single out individual ones.
This is more commercial than most of the Bosstown Sound's offerings in 1968 and is now a very minor collectors' item. The band release one single in 1967  "Doctor Mind / Another Day", both cuts are taken from the album. I chose "Doctor Mind", "Girl In Tears" and "Death Of A Nation".


Benson Blake IV- Vocals, Guitar
Joel Maisano- Vocals, Organ
John Pell- Vocals, Bass
Lee Dudley- Drums

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