Friday, 13 January 2017

VA White Rabbit Covers

"White Rabbit" was written and performed by Grace Slick while she was still with The Great Society. When that band broke up in 1966, Slick was invited to join Jefferson Airplane to replace their departed female singer, Signe Toly Anderson, who left the band with the birth of her child. The first album Slick recorded with Jefferson Airplane was "Surrealistic Pillow", and Slick provided two songs from her previous group: her own "White Rabbit" and "Somebody to Love", written by her brother-in-law Darby Slick and recorded under the title "Someone to Love" by The Great Society.The Great Society's version of "White Rabbit" was much longer than the more aggressive version of Jefferson Airplane.(wiki)
Many band and  artists have covered the song.This compilation contain 8 versions of this great song. Enjoy!!!


01.Jefferson Airplane- White Rabbit-1967 US
02.Grace Slick & The Great Society- White Rabbit-1971 US
03.Flying Karpets -White Rabbit-1968 Mexico
04.Gabor Szabo-White Rabbit-1967 US
05.Rasberry Jam-White Rabbit-1967 US
06.George Benson- White Rabbit-1971 US
07.Lisa Miller - White Rabbit-1968 US
08.The Mops- White Rabbit-1968 Japan


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