Saturday, 21 January 2017

The Apple Pie Motherhood Band-1968 US

The Apple Pie Motherhood Band were a Boston-based aggregate combining a formative heavy blues base with equally earthy elements of psychedelia.
With Atlantic Records staff producer Felix Pappalardi behind the console, the results were a reflection of the ever-changing pop/rock soundscape. Although the band' s lineup would remain in a constant state of flux, the ensemble credited here includes Richard Barnaby (bass), Jackie Bruno (drums), Joe Castagno (guitar), Ted Demos (guitar), and Jeff  Labes (organ/piano).
Although Anne Tanzey, their original "chick" (a la Janis Joplin) singer had already split by the time they were recording this their self-titled debut album,  Marilyn Lundquist (vocal) was temporarily filling the vocalist's void. Her dulcet tones grace several songs,particularly notable is the Baroque-flavored update of David Blue's "I'd Like to Know".
The thoroughly explored reading of Albert King's "Born Under a Bad Sign" is an obvious homage to British supergroup trio Cream who had previously reworked it into a blues-fused jam.
Their self-titled first album released in 1968 on Atlantic Records (SD 8189). I chose "I'd Like to Know","The Ultimate - Contact" and "Born Under A Bad Sign".

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