Monday, 9 January 2017

Churchill's-1968 Israel

The Churchill's was an Israeli band with three Israeli members and two foreign members, founded in 1965 and was active until the mid-70s. It was a part of the rhythm bands scene that were active in Israel in the 70s, especially in Ramla.The Israeli members are Haim Romano (Guitar,Mandolin,Vocals), Michael Gavriellov (Bass,Vocals), Amy Trebitch (Drums) and the two foreign members are Canadian vocalist Stan Solomon and British guitarist Rob Huxley.
The band played  psychedelic rock to hard rock and sing in English. It was also active in other countries, under the name of Jericho Jones and Jericho. It was one of the first Israeli rock bands.
The band has been a leading force in the early Israeli beat scene, but it was their cooperation with singer-songwriter Arik Einstein that helped them cross over to the mainstream of Israeli pop and gain recognition. Their collaboration with Einstein proved to be very influentive on the Israeli rock.The album recorded at Kolinor Studios,Tel Aviv,Israel.
The songs on the first side of the album (1-6) are from the soundtrack of the motion picture "A Woman's Case".
This is the Israeli reissue of the album by Hed-Arzi (BAN 14106) from 1987. I chose "Song From The Sea", "When You're Gone" and "Subsequent Finale".

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